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Welcome to Osage County Guns

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We're stocking many of Sig Sauer's Electro Optics scopes and Kilo rangefinders! We also offer free shipping on all Sig Sauer firearms purchased on this site and all accessory orders larger than $100!

Stock up on Sig Sauer Magazines!

We are stocking nearly every available magazine for ever firearm produced by Sig Sauer. We carry high capacity magazines as well as state compliant magazines with a capacity of ten or less rounds for states like California or New York.

We do our best to monitor when new magazines are released and order them early so they are available when you need them! We are already starting to receive Sig's MPX magazines!

SIG-SD Suppressors

Sig announced its updated SIG-SD suppressor line recently and we're already starting to receive some. If you are looking for a model we don't have, add your email address on the product page to receive an automated notification as soon as a shipment is received! View the full line of SIG-SD suppressors on our site now!