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Aloha, I had p320 x5 if I purchase full size grip funnel, are my magazines will fit for this? I don't have magazine pad
Is the sig P320-x5-9-10 mass compliant
Sir/Ma'am,I received this kit and installed the barrel and bolt. I then found a black, tapered ring in the bottom of the box. What is it for? I do not see it anywhere in the manual.v/rScott
When do you figure your Black heart ar57 will be back in production?
Is the 6 round flat base magazine compatible with the Sig P238 Legion? Thanks!
Is the barrel titanium nitride coated?
Hello,Do you sell 10 round mags for the 92 compact no rail that has the thicker (11/16") pinkey tab?Thank youJoe
Is this Colt SAA hand engraved. By Colt? If so by who?
Will this .40 barrel work for the sig p229 legion?
(Sig Sauer P320 / P250 Compact 9mm 15rd Magazine) Is this 15 round mag prohibited in the state of Maryland?
Hello, Just wondered if you will ever bring back the Mosquito is 22LR or know where I could still find one. I joined a club an another member had one there, an I know I would love to have one. Thanks for your time.Brian
Can this version feed hollow points? Or would they need to be sent to B&T for that?
Do you offer a lay-a-way plan?
I bought a Sig P365 w/o manual safety is there a kit to convert to a manual safety for this weapon?
Will the sig p365xl be available with manual safety?
Will you swap 18 round mags for 10 rounders to ship to New Jersey?
What price can you do on sig p320 x compact? Gun,deals had it listed at $570 from you guys but web site shows MAP. Thanks, Bret
Will this work with CMMG conversion kit, I no sum mags will not work.

Shipping Questions

Hello I take from this product, you are sending a turkey?
Hi. Do we need an ffl for this item or we can just but this online.
Upon purchase of a silencer, (SRD556) would it ship directly to me, or to an FFL?Do I need a tax stamp?
How long, roughly, does it take door to door once ordered.
Is it legal in state of Illinois??
What is the process on the p365 with the LEO discount?
Does this need to be sent to an ffl
Very interested in this can. Do I need to provide my address or my dealers address for you to ship there so I can then form 4 it?

Product Specifications Questions

P365, Sig Sauer, Magnum Research, Desert Eagle, B&T, GHM9 Adapter, Barrel, conversion kit, 1911, P320, Rattler, MCX, MPX, Romeo4s, Romeo4T, M17, Legion, P226, California, Conversion Kit, Caliber X-Change Kit, LMT, sights, P250, STI, Threaded Barrel, Grip Module, Beretta, Magazines, Parts, P938, SIG-SD, Suppressor, upper, Sig M17, M17 Bravo, M400, Upper, P229, Glock, Trigger, Colorado, Magazine Capacity, Romeo1, X5, Kilo, Rangefinder, Electric Optics, 516, parts, bcg, P225, Carry, Magazine, Conversion Kits, P238, Holsters, Salient, Benelli, Ethos, P232, S&W, 170181, Revolver, P220, M400 Upper, AR-15, SP2022, Sig P226, Sights, Holster, Kimber, Thumb Safety, M11-A1, P227, Salient Arms International, Layaway, Manual Safety, Foxtrot1, Grips, USW320, P210 Legend, P320 Romeo1, MARS, Springs, P320 Grip Module, Foxtrot365, Tread, M400 Tread, 716, DMR, Barrels, P938 Legion, Sig P320, VIRTUS, Air Guns, SRD9, DVC, 2011, Rails, P224, Bags, TP9, Stock, P290, APP, SDR7-7H58X24, Sig P239, Red Dot, 10mm, Heckler and Koch, H&K, LWRC, CPO, UPper, Echo1, SIG716, Romeo5, Maryland, MK25, P239, Mag Pouch, Salient Arms, PT-AR-RS-B, Copperhead, Chrome, Colt, SAA, Coonan, FDE, Tactical Solutions, Subcompact, Lower Receiver, GHM9, Equinox, RX, MOTAC, Gray Guns, Lower, AR15, Chicago, Electro Optics, Juliet3, SOR11005, MPX Compatition, Tomcat, Shroud, SAO, Springfield Armory, Sig P250, Slide, Conversion, P365XL, RX Slide, Magazine Well, Virtus, Sig 556, P365 XL, CZ-USA, P10S, Instruction Manuals, Glock 17, Military Discount, SOR52001, X5 Legion, barrel, P320 X-Compact, P320 X5 Legion, P365XL RX, P320 X5, Legion Grip
How does MOTAC work? My Romeo5 doesn't seem to turn off like it should.
I just received my Romeo5 and it doesn't seem to work. What should I do?
Will this work/fit in sig pro 2340?
It there a mounting adaptor that fits a Sig P226 .22 with factory adjustableiron sights?
Is this hat adjustable?
Does this item (SOR11005) fit a legion P229 and a P229 ELITE?
What mags are included? 10, 10 with pinky ext, and or 12 rnd mag? What are the two extra that are included as well?
It looks like your description is backwards."This is a new OEM Sig Sauer P250/P320 17-Round 9mm magazine with X-Grip Adapter. By sliding off the X-Grip adapter this magazine will also fit onto a Full Size P250 or P320"This reads like its a compact magazine that you adapt to fit into a full size, but isn't it a full sized magazine that you can use the adapter to fit into a compact frame?
What kind of trigger does this rifle have (RMCX-16B-TAP-P-FDE)? Also the weight of the trigger pull?
Are these Sig Sauer factory magazines and designed for use with m11-a1 and p229 Legion? Do you know whether the OEM manufacturer for those in stock is Mec-Gar (made in Italy) or Checkmate (no made in marking)?
What handguard length for this mcx virtus 6.75 barrel? Thanks
is this [set] of 3 springs?
Are you going to get more 9mm exchange kits for the p250c?
I see different stock for 226 Elite, so something is different between the standard 226 and the 226 Elite. I just got a 226 "Select". DOES either kit work on the "Select" P226?
Hello,Is the bolt carrier with the SIG 516 Gen 2 10" upper Full aotu or Semi auto profile?
I would like to purchase the Sig P226 Rx Legion slide assembly. Is this available with a 10 round magazine instead of 15 round? Thank you
Is it possible to get this in 10 round/or no mags at all and shipped to CA? Thanks
I’m trying to make sure it fits the p250 40 caliber compact before I buy
how do you extend the stock and remove the mag holder?
Is this a Satin Nickel Barrel ???
Will this grip module work with the full size p320 slide or only with the X5 slide?
Does this product qualify for Sig’s LE/MIL discount program?
Would like to purchase Sig army release as soon as available. I can send deposit if. You wish..
Can I use this P226 .357 x-change conversion kit on my P226 9mm?
M17 commemorative how do I make sure I get one? Can I get the case from you also. I'm a sig fan boy please help. Can I put a deposit down. Thank you
I'm interested in buying a M17 asap. Did I miss my chance since I see that they are sold out? Or when can I reserve one?
1) Does this kit include a 12rd mag. NJ limits capacity to 10rd , unless LE. 2) I would like to get grip module in FDE ,is that possible?
If I purchase this pistol 320F-45-BSS, would it be possible for you to send me one with small grip module? I believe they come with medium grip module, but it's too large for me.
Will you be carrying additional FDE 21 rd mags for the M17 commemorative?
This spring is compatible with p250 380 acp in compact carry grip
Is this made in Italy or the USA?
Will this be offered with an option for 10rd magazines?
Do you charge credit card fees? And does this model have the same grips that shown in the photo I know that SIG has changed their grips on that pistol
Is this model California accepted?
is this salient arms receiver set available
Is this new in the box?
Can you sell this weapon under the Armed Professional Program?
I live in Maryland my ffl will accept the firearm but he won’t give me the mags they ship them to Va.
Any chance you can get another one of these. If so please let me know. I'll make arrangements.
This grip shell has the old style
Hello,I would like to pre-order the M17 Commemorative. I’m unable to reach your business by phone.
What are the steps to Pre-Order the M17 Commemorative edition pistol?
Hi, I saw you did a wait list for the commemorative M17, are you doing a wait list for the commercial version?
i would like to buy this item but live in Turkey! Can you shipping it to abroad?
can you swap barrels on this one ?
Can you tell me the manufacture date of these pistols (P365)?
Do you know when you will get the Sig P226 RX X-change Kit back in?Also, I am not exempt, so can you take out the magazine, block it, or swap with a ten round magazine and ship to California?
Is the pistol grip as shown or is it the longer straight magpul?
Is this the Gen 2 P365 version that got the reliability issues fixed?
is this pistol (P365) new ''july'' manufacture date , shows free shipping also ?
How do I find out the model number of my desert eagle 44? Is it on the gun anywhere
Is the Sig P250 Sub Compact 357 Barrel available for backorder?
What sight height number is this rear night site for sig p250 you have posted
Which 1911 frames will this fit?
Considering converting my Sig P320 full size RX to a carry gun, could you tell me what i need to make this happen? Thanks
Hello, I see the Sig P365 in-stock/available on your regular site, but it says out of stock for L/E purchases? Am I able to receive L/E pricing from the regular website?
What is the difference between Romeo 4S and 4T?
Does this kit come with a bcg?
Is this a 2015 model? And is this DA/SA? Thank You
Is this sight compatible with the MPX?
I just wanted to make sure on the APC223 16.5" BBL, because of the length a regular folding stock may be used and no brace is required?
Will this be available for pre-order?
1) I assume this is SA/DA since it isn't listed as SAO?2) Do you ship to NYS (FFL)? Thanks
Good afternoon,I'm an active duty military member currently stationed in California. For me to order this exact item (300blk MCX patrol w/ 16 inch barrel) would yoyy be willing to accommodate the conversation to California laws if I can find an FFL Willinng o do a transfer.
I have a p226 scorpion model with the loaded chamber indicator on the slide which seems to be preventing me from getting an optic cut. If I purchase this slide can I get it the same desert tan color as my scorpion? Thank you for your time.
Is this barrel threaded?
Is this a factory built pistol?
Is there a projected date or timeframe that this will be available again?
have you got the shield in 9mm with the green laser and if so at what price? Thanks
Do you still have these in stock?
Just to make sure, this is Large Rear Sight ( not Medium or Small)?
Is this compatible with the unupgraded p320 fire control group?
when will you be getting more of the p238 owb holsters
Hi,I can't find any info on this version of the Marauder online. Can you tell me the differences between this version and the regular version? I see it has a stippled grip and slide cuts. Anything else?
Is the shorter handguard available when not using the training compensaor, and how much to purchase? Is this model available for retired LEO price? Thanks!
Will this work with the P226 9mm Legion SAO? Or is it better to have my gun milled to add a Romeo 1 and suppressor height XRAY sights?
Hi, I have a few questions on this item. Is this the same as the one Sig sells? Why isn’t the spring red like Sig’s? Do these conversion kits have to be shipped to an FFL dealer or can they ship directly to home?
when do you think you will get the p238 r/h belt clip holster back in stock? thanks
Will this tall suppressor night sights fit on a P320 X-Carry
Can I get a threaded barrel for my p320 compact 45acp
Are these brand new, or used firearms? Do they have the fixed trigger for drop testing?
When will you have another one of the Sig Sauer MPX 8" with telescoping stock in stock?
Is this item new or used? Will you be intrested in selling just the receiver without the stock, buffer tube and grip at a reduced price?
Is the hand guard key mod or m-lok?
Will this brace fit apc45? Do you sell one like thisthat does?
Will this bumper and retaining screw fit MCX Virtus?
this falls under the "never happy" columnI love my new p320. it is FDE. I have a holster in FDR and Mag pouch in FDE.When I put the mags in my bag, they look just like my Glock Mags.Will you make floor plate in FDE???I would love four of them!!
Is the barrel Crome lined..?
Does this come with a set screw as well?
Is this front sight compatible with standard AR rear sights? And does this product come with all the attachment pins and screws?
Do you know when the P226 RX Xchange kits will be back in stock?
When will this become available in stock?
Does the 556 rifle parts also good for 556Xi?
When grip module for p320sc will be available? In FDE and black or OD.Thanks
Would it be possible to substitute a 10 round magazine for the 15 round magazine at an additional charge. I live in California where we have silly gun laws and too many silly people who vote for vote for the loser legislators that we have making these laws! Thanks in advance for your answer.Best Regards,Bob Peterson
Can the slide be racked with the thumb safety on?
Hello! I was just reading the details and specs and I’m not seeing anything describing the OS? Is this a DI or a piston? Also are the Romeo sight included is it a refurbished or a returned item?? I’m reading lots of issues with the sights not functioning properly in the reviews.
Is the standard commercial version going to be a regular production firearm or will it be limited edition only?
How many of the P226 tacops do you have in stock? And can you pick up from store?
Will this slide assembly fit on a sub compact frame?
Hello can you tell me what all is in this P938 parts kit? Mainly looking for the extractor? Is it included? Thank you
Is this cut for a Romeo optic or Delta Point like the official MHS pistol?
Is the gas block.adjustable?
Are the part of 5000 special edition production?Phone 929-450-7695
will these mags you have on sale work in a m9a3?
Is the Sig P320 M17 handgun legal in California?
Will you be getting more of these kits?
What the TPI?
Is the reticle circle dot or circle plex? Picture shows dot however description says plex
Does this include BCG and CH? Picture shows them included.
Can you swap out the free state mag for a CA mag, 10 rd?
Is this cut for a Romeo 1 or a Leupold DPP? Both?
Will this mag P229 Legion compact?
Greetings!I am a municipal police officer in the state of IL. I am very interested in the Sig Sauer M17 Bravo (black). I was curious if they are still available or have they not been released yet?
Does this trigger, UPC Code 798681474103, fit the older, original Sig-Sauer P225 as opposed to the newer Sig-Sauer P225-A1.
Does this trigger fit a Sig-Sauer P220 .45 manufactured in 1989 and does it fit a Sig-Sauer P229 .40S&W manufactured in 1994?
Will this work on a Sig P226 Elite?
Will this also fit the p320 compact grip module?
I was trying to order the p226 TACOP fed 9mmAnd got a message that it’s not allowed in Colorado. I just left cabelas and the gun deptTold me I could order it on here and have it shipped directly to them. Can you help?thx
Will this be compatible with the FCU from the sig P320 M-17?
i just wanted to confirm that this x-change slide will fit my sig legion .40?
Are these the new magazines with the "SIG" marked base plate that fits in the P320 Carry or the older "Sig Sauer" base plates? Thanks
I have a sig p320 carry. Will this 21rd mag work for my model as well.
I am thinking of buying this pistol do you know what the max effective range is?
Is this a Full Auto Bolt???Thanks Dan
I have a sig P320 carry will this barrel drop in? if I buy it and it doesn't fit can I return it ? thank you
Is this an upgraded kit that works with upgraded FCU?
I've got a used P229 in .22 cal conversion kit format. How can I verify this kit will work with this gun? Also, is it possible to buy the kit with a 9mm threaded barrel?
will the ethos line shoot 3.5in shells?
Does this set comes with five screws?
Will this Grip Frame work with the UPGRADED Slide Catch? The picture is the OLD Style Grip Frame & I have the NEW version. Please let me know.
when is it going to be available
Will the caliber exchange kit work on a 9mm signs P229, or do you need to modify it? Thank you
GRIP-MOD-C-943-SM-BLK Is this a gen 1 or gen 2 grip module? It show that you have them in stock is the correct?
conpact and carry the same size
Will this fit Ma. Approved 320c with manual safety
Will this P320 full size .357 Sig full slide assembly work on a P320 compact 9mm pistol frame that has a manual safety?
Is the P series night sight compatible with the P226 S X5 SAO
Are all of your guns new in original cases (ie.not demo's or display models or customer returns )?
Do you have the Sig MCX Virtus Patrol (16") in 5.56 in FDE that is eligible for military discount? I see that particular rifle in grey for $1567, but not in FDE.Thank you!
Is the barrel free floated?
Is this available with 10 round magazines in the kit?
Does this item have to be transferred through an FFL?
Dear,I have an sig sauer p226 125th anniversary and I'm looking for a Suppressor.Can you help me for define the true product please?
Is this exchange kit compatible with the p250 FCU?
Is this package elidgeable under the APP?
Does this x-change kit work with the manual safety versions of the P320?
Does the Sig M11-A1 10 round version accept the 15 round magazines as well?
Do you have to change out the op rods?
Will these fit the M11-A1?
RE: Sig Sauer P320 Compact Lower Kit Has the FCU been modified with the voluntary upgrade?
What gen will this work for
So this will just putty trigger and slide on and good go right
Are the sale items. (Salient glocks) eligible for 90 day layaway?Thank you
What are the individual capacities of the 4 magazines?
What is the production date or gen of what you have in stock? Wanting to buy today but hesitant on the firearms that people have in stock.
Will this grip module work on my M17?
how is the light mounted ? do you need a tpol?
Will these magazines fit my Sig M11A1 ?
What size are the grips? Sm Med Lg?
Is it still possible to get the e29-40-sas2b? If not, is it possible to get the m11-a1 in a .40? Thank you, BD
Will this work with the P250 Full Size?
What sights come with this kit.
is the p210 legend mag made in germany with zipper back or made in italy?
The description say 4 10rd magazines however; Sig Sauer says there is suppose to be 4 14rd magazines. Can you tell what the firearm will actually ship with?
does this have a full ambi lower ? is this considered an sbr where you have to wait for a tax stamp ?
WHY is this a 10 rd clip cs the standard 15 rd?
Is this for the the 17 round magazine
Is the p229 22lr recoil spring set, set of three springs, or single spring?Thank you
What length gas system is this? Will this upper work with a standard carbine lower set up? Thank you
I own the full size RX version of this pistol with 10 round magazines.Can I purchase the Compact version and have you remove the 15 round magazine? My state only allows 10 rounds max.
How many lumens is the foxtrot 365? I’ve seen references to a 100 and 300 model. Is the 300 adjustable?
Do you have any information as to when the Sig P365 with manual safety will be available? Also, is there any plans to manufacture the P365 with a decocking lever?
RM400-16B-TRD - What is the twist rate? Does this has a rifle gas system?
What size id the grip ?
Is this gen 1 716 DMR? Is it highly likely won't be available again because gen 2 are out for a while?
Hello, what's the twist on these? I heard the rattler barrels have 1:5,, do these 6.75s have a fast twist as well? Thanks
I have the sig p320 m17 will this kit for the 357 work with this gun
Will this item fit the original MCX, non-virtus?
How do you install this in a 365?
Does this fit the Legacy or Virtus MCX?
Is the Salient Arms Tier 1 package a completed firearm?Or is this the work to be completed on the customer's firearm?
According to the STI website this gun is supposed to include two magazines. Is there a typo on your site, or are you only shipping one magazine with the gun?
does your SRD9 fit the Sp2022 9mm
will this p226 357sig slide fit on the mk25 lower
Is this metal or plastic?Thanks
Will this fit with the Lima 38 red laser?
Will you be having these back anytime soon? I missed out.(Sig Sauer P320 Compact Lower Kit (2 Mags + Holster) - 9mm)
Does the B&T tp9 stock come with all the hardware for installation? Thanks.
I am looking for a p224 357 Sig barrel. Is this a 357 Sig?
Do the 17 rd fit flush in the 2022 ?--thx
is this the upgraded slide for drop
Will this fit my Sig scorpion 1911 45APC
Will this bag fit the MCX Rattler(300 BLK) with the 5.5" barrel and stock collapsed?
Will this Legion come with 3 LE 15 round magazines?
Will this kit fit and work on SIG SAUER 229 9mm enhance elite?
Will this work ion my P250 with X grip module?
Can I get a red dot for p239 9mm
Does this handgun also fire 38 special ammo
Do all of your Sig P320 Full Sized handguns for sale come with the newest Sig voluntary upgrade trigger replacement?
i i have a 226 tacops will this slide work with my tacops
Can this be used to convert the P220 10mm model to 45 ACP?
This will fit the 17rd 320-M17, but will it require 15rd magazines?
Will this work on a 226 Legion SAO (9MM)? Thanks
Do you carry the CA compliant version?
What is the weight of this pistol?
Does this have night sights for sure as described?
Is this version, milled for Trijcon red dot ready
Does the kit that comes with the firearm allow for the change to the .40 instead of the 9mm?
Hello. Is this rifle DI or gas piston? Thank you.
What does c grade mean
Will this slide work on my Interarms original import Sig Sauer P226 ?
What are the specs on the barrel (metal spec, twist, etc.). Micro Lite gas block? Is this package from Sig, or aftermarket??
I’m an looking for some suppressor sights for my Sig 1911 will these fit if not what will?
Does this gun come with original case and holster?
I need to purchase the optional Romeo1 adapter Packet . I need to mount a Romeo 1 on to a Echo 1 site .Can you help out ?
Hello. What are the manufacture date on the Sig 365. I want to buy one that was recently made. Thank you.
What is not from Sig Sauer on this? Also have there been any complaints on the free float rail that’s on it?
im interested in the sig p250 .45 sub compact. what condition is the gun in?
Does the sig mcx hybrid accept normal ar15 triggers would it be compatible with and echo gen 2 trigger
What is the weight of this item?
Will HOL-365-APX work with sig laser grip?
Is this a complete fireable pistol
Is the sight cover plate included with the x-change kit if I want to remove the Romeo 1?
On the SIG Sauer how many bullets does the mag hold?
Will this conversion kit work on the Legion series P226???
If I was to buy a p365 today what would the manufacturing date be on the ones in stock and will it be guaranteed to not get an older one? Thanks for any info. Have a blessed day.
What is the difference of the Romeo 5 Tread and a regular Romeo 5?
Is this one different from the MK25 phosphated one that you have
I live in Maryland and am limited to 10 round magazines. Can I buy this with a 10 round magazine, or without the magazine that is included with this kit?
Wondering if this takes the 17rd magazines as the description says it takes 10 rounds, but I find it hard to believe a full size pistol only carries 10 9mm rounds, is this a misprint?
What size is the barrel thread?
Who did the chrome coating and trigger work on the gun? Brazos? Dawson? Thanks.
can this be used fro sig p365 mags?
Is this a complete upper
Will this barrel fit in a sigs new mpx copperhead please let me know thanks
Would you take 600 for the x change kit?
Are these original barrels from the Sig Factory
What S&W .40 mag fits this grip module???
Does the sig P239 have a decocker?
Do you also sell the salient arms rail? And is this all real 100% salient arms products ?
will thee fit Xgrip carryI'ordered tree that are on the was and wedbsite didn't specify wheteher they are older mags labeled Sog Sauer that don't fit. If they are older ones can I return them?
Proper mag. For Sig M11-A1 ?
How many mags are included with the tacops xchange kit in 9mm
Is this model sold with a 10 round magazine or is it the California nonsense with a bullet button? Thanks
Hello do these come in individual Sig Sauer boxes or are they sold in Bulk? Tim
Will M400 stripped lower be back in stock sometimes soon?
is this 12 rd 365 sig mag oem
What are the build dates for your current stock? Post-recall?
Do these say sig sauer on the bottom, or the sig logo?
Hi.I have the X magazine for sig sauer .380 legion but don't lock in the hangun.Whats the problem?Thanks a lot
Does this come with the standard 4 magazines and do you ship priority mail? Im in Idaho, and was trying to find one local to no avail, found you guys but needed it asap for a backup comp in the next few weeks. Thanks, Kevin
Is it possible to switch the magazine to a 10-round CA compliant, and have it shipped to CA?Also, any update on when this might be in stock?
How much gunsmithing is required to add this manual safety feature to a new P365 that came without this feature ? Thanks
How soon can you get these back in stock?
Will this be coming back in stock? If so, when?
Does this rifle have the bx trigger group?TD-GMG-B-M-BLK
How soon you will have this product in stock ??
Will this conversion kit fix P229 Ellis scorpion? And will be available?
does sig p365 grip module come with mag release?
Does it come with the side catch assembly kit?
Does this have an adapter that will allow a regular 1/2 x 28 tpi muzzle device to attach?
What year was this made? Who did the engraving? Is it hand engraved or machine?
Will these grips fit on a plain P226r DA/SA?
Does the 320 subcompact have a rail?
Love the looks of the new sig 1911 tacops tb. One concern: does it truly have raised suppressor sights? I can't tell conclusively from looking at the pic's. Thanks!
can you ship a sig sauer extended 12 rd magazine to maryland?
Does this slide have standard height contrast sights or tall night sights?
Do you offer these in 40cal too?Thanks
Will this work on a P320 Compact?
Does SRD9 fit the 226 Tac Ops 9mm or does it require longer threaded barrel?
Will this work on a P226 equinox?
Is this gen1 or gen2 GHM9?
will riding in rouge pastures attivate the motac
Will this work on an existing Sig Sauer MCX lower?
I ordered the P320 Full size conversion kit in 9mm. Is there any way of knowing what size (S,M,L) grip it comes with?
What mags are included
Is this (E2022-9-FDE) CA legal. 10 rd mag etc?
Do you have this pistol in stock and when will you retail store be open? Thanks and be safe,Levaughn
Will this work with a p320 .45 that has thumb safetyz?
Will the P320 Carry Slide fit the M17? I'm looking to convert my P320/M17 to the P320/M18 size.
What gen is the slide?
Grayguns is releasing a new batch of the Sig P365 straight trigger this evening. Will you be getting some of them, so that I may purchase one from you and, if so, can you state when or whether it is imminent?
Is the Sig Sauer M400/516 lower receiver compatible with a PWS MK111 MOD 2-M upper receiver ?
Will this grip fit a milspec ar15 lower?
I’m sure the answer is no. But based on pictures and package specs, thought I would ask.does this actually include the romeo1 sight as well?Thanks!Jon
What will I need to attach to a p365?
New trigger bar for Sig 365. What does it do for the shooter?
The Sig website list an MPX PCC, is this the very same item?
If I purchase the Romeo 1 reflex sight for my sig p226 extreme will I need to change my front sight to a suppressor sight.
Are these the first edition 12 rd. mags where they had problems with, or are these the newer improved 12 rd. mags, working flawlessly?
Does this accept the 300 Blackout barrels with tapered lugs?
Does this come with the 4 additional 21rd Mags, as it does when not an LEO purchase?thanks,
This sig sauer 1911 .45 Cal. 8 Round Magazine is the one that would be used for the Sig Sauer Scorpion 1911, Correct?
Is this a new item?Also I want to check for compatibility with Red dot Romeo 5 for AR15 Sig m400 thread Thanks
Hello, just a few questions. Is the gun new? used? Does it come with a case?Will Osage county guns offer any type of warranty on the product or just factory?Other than shipping, is there any fees I have to pay to get it to an FFL in Pasadena, CA?Thank you.
What is the trigger pull weight on the SINGLE ACTION ONLY Sig Sauer P226 Legion, 9mm? THANKS, Stephen.
is this actually in stock
Are these grips slimmer than the regular 226 grips that come on the mark 25? If so, as slim as the E2s or in between?
are: your Beretta Tomcat Inox .32These are new weapons, correct?
I have a sig p250 compact 9mm and would like the kit to change it to a 40 cal or 357. Is this kit available
I asked a question yesterday and realized it may not have been clear. I was curious if the contrast cut Sig P226 RX 9mm caliber exchange kit could be shipped to California with a 10rd magazine, or just with the magazine taken out of it. Thanks!
Have all of the available p320 carry had the voluntary recall on the trigger preformed already?
Is romeo sight included with slide
Will this sight work on the Sig p320 m17?
Does it come with red dot slide installed
Are these kits Romeo1 zeroed from factory like the P320 Rx?
Can i switch this upper out on my SIG M400? It currently is chambered fro 223/556.
There is no mention of the reflex site pictured in the description. If I order this item can I return it if it doesn't fit my 229?? or it doesn't really come with the reflex sight pictured.
I recently purchased a Sig 320 X5. This will fit directly onto the slide correct?I also own a Sig 1911 Scorpion. do these adapter negate the need to get a cutout slide that has the flat portion on top for the red dot? My current sig 1911 is stock.
Can this be purchased with a 10-round magazine instead of the included 17-round magazine?
And what is the model number of the romeo 1? is it generation 1 or 2? does it have the auto on feature?
Is this pistol after or before the trigger fix?
I have the P365 in coyote tan, do you have the 12 rounds magazine in this color?
This is the upc: 798681411757 That you have it listed under on your site. This is 100% OEM product from sig? I have a xcompact p320 Rx in which I wanna change the sites. This will work? Also does this glow?
Will the x-carry FCU work with this exchange kit?
Is the slide material stainless? Do you know when this item will be back in stock?
are the casings brass?
How many rounds does the magazine hold?
Will this kit fit my sig sauer 556 pistol
Do you have to switch triggers if it is already an MCX Virtus?
Will these baseplates work with the X5 magazine well?
required trigger pressure top fire. I am senior citizen with arthritic hands
What makes this one CA legal or the TRP that is not?
Can I get a 15-round magazine with this product? Item would be shipped to Arizona.
Does the 10 round P320 allow for a 15 round magazine as well?
Will this barrel drop into a P320c (carry) slide?
Will this 12 rounder fit the 365 XL
Does this Sig P320 Compact RX slide come with night sights? Thanks!
Is this compatible with the 365 XL?
I just purchased a CZP10 S and I want to know if this product is Brand new?
Can you get this in FDE?
What type of battery does the Romeo5 use, AAA or CR2032
So both are for the 365xl, right?
Will this barrel work for converting my p229 .40 cal to 9mm?
Do these slides work on regular non-RX P226's?
Hi my name is Gabriel and I wanted to know if this firearm CA Compliant?
Still available at $2,000 ?
Do these include the XL base
This will work with the M11-A1 variant?
I bought A P938 SAS . There was no owners manual or nothing else in box, Can I buy one? Thanks,Jerrell Lowder
Will this magazine work with the p320 x compact?
Is a military discount available for the G 43X?
Is this a gen 4 Glock? Does it come with a plate covering the RMR cut?
How many magazines come with this pistol?
Is this item New or refurbished
Hi there. Does this include a barrel? Please let me know. Thanks.
Will these fit a desert eagle?
the pictures show it with the sights on it. Does this slide come with or without sights?
Is the Sig Sauer P320 Full size
Will this work on a .40 cal 226 as a replacement slide ?
does it fit on p226 mk25?
Does the new thumb safety module come with the thumb safety and any other necessary parts for installation?Thanks
Hi,Does this fit the p320 x-five? Thanks
does the p365xl rx w/romeo zero come with plate to remove optic
Hello, does this magazine fit the Sig P320x5 Legion?
Will this fit the P365xl
Will this fit my new p320 Xcompact? Original barrel length is 3.6 inches.
Will it fit 9mm X5 Legion? Is it Sig brand?


Do you have any magazines in stock that fir my P230SL 380 pistol
Are the Commercial M17 with black controls (with manual safety) also going to be limited in quantity or will they be around for a while?
Are the Commercial M17 with black controls (with manual safety) also going to be limited in quantity or will they be around for a while?
will you be getting more of the p238 owb holsters
Any idea if / when you are getting the Sig Sauer Leatherman Multi Tool for MCX & MPX.
Do you make an AIWB model that fits the P365 when equipped with the Lima365 laserguard?
When will the Sig p250 full size conversion kit in 45acp be available again? Any idea or insight?
Hi do you have any idea, when the Sig mpx parts PKIT-MPX-9-SEMI kit might be available? Thanks
Hello do you have any word on when the Sig P365 Lima Green laser will be available ?
Greetings,When this will available?
Why was this model discontinued?
Can you tell me how long before you can get replacements for the SIG SAUER P227 PARTS KIT.
When in stock
How do you use a military discount through your website.
Would it be possible to switch the 15 round magazine for a 10 round magazine?
when will the 9mm p320 compact conversion kit with the red dot sight be back in stock
Is the Sig 320RX back in stock? One add says back in stock 13 days ago? How many magazines come with the weapon?
Is this SigTac CP4 still in production?
When will the P320 4.4" 9mm threaded barrel be back in stock?
Can you Please notify me as soon as possible when the rainbow Sig 9mm is back in stock.
When will this gun be back in stock?
What are the build dates for your current stock? Post-recall?
Will these be back in stock anytime soon and will the sale continue?Thanks,Artie
Sig was rumored to be coming out with a P365 with a thumb safety in the first quarter of 2019. Are they producing them? Do you have any in stock? How much if you do? If you do not have any now please notify me if they come in. Let me know if they are in production. Thank you.
When do you expect to get the Beretta Bobcat 21A in stock?
Do you guys have this same frame but FDE?
Hello, when will this be back in stock?
When do you expect to get this item back in stock?Sig Sauer P226 9mm TACOPS - FDE
Which location is the Beretta 92 Inox Compact located.
I was wondering if you planned on getting any more Benelli m4 (11715) in your inventory.
If an item is out of stock, can I still order it? Will the item be placed on backorder and delivered when it is restocked?
Hello - when you have back in stock the Sig Xcompact will it still be at the sales price of $569?Thanks
Do you have the p365 12round extended mags in tan color?
Do you have an estimate on when this p229 RX slide assembly with Romeo red dot will be back in stock?Thanks
Any Sig P365 mags available in Coyote Tan? I have the Tan NRA model. I've purchased from you before.Mark in Boise
these ever going to be in stack again?
will you be able to get this from sig anymore?
Is the Sig P365 SAS in stock?
Is there a CAlforina compliant version of the SIG SAUER P226 9MM ELITE SAO W/ ROMEO1 REFLEX SIGHT? If so what to order.
Is this a discontinued product?
Any estimate on when this will be available again?